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Resolving Family Court Cases With Help From A Lawyer

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Why Should You Check Your Credit Report After Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a consideration for those who have serious financial debt. Going through the process can help you reestablish your finances, but it can have some drawbacks. One of the most significant drawbacks is the impact it has on your credit. If you opt for bankruptcy, you need to keep an eye on your credit report as it improves over time. Here are some things you should know.

Why Do You Need to Keep Checking Your Credit Report?

After you go through the process of bankruptcy and your debts have been discharged, you should continue to check your credit report at least a few times a year. Doing so will help you see where you stand regarding your debt. It will take some time for the debt to be released from your credit report. Watching it just helps you stay on top of your credit as it rebuilds.

How Will Debt Appear on Your Report?

As you look at your credit report, your debt will still be listed even if you no longer have to pay them. They should be discharged and have a zero balance. If you do see any balances still on your report, you need to contact the credit reporting agency and dispute it right away.

What If There Is Incorrect Information Listed?

As you look at your credit report, you need to also look for any inconsistencies or misinformation. There may be some debts that are not discharged correctly. There could also be incorrect agencies or amounts listed on your report. To remove it, you will have to contact the credit reporting agency.

What If the Corrections Are Not Made?

If you have contacted the credit reporting agency about mistakes on your credit report and they are not taken care of, the credit reporting agency is in violation of the law. If the credit reporting agency does not fix any legitimate errors, you can sue the credit reporting agency to get the mistakes removed. You will need to work with your bankruptcy attorney to get this process started.

When Will You See Improvement?

With bankruptcy, you will see an impact on your credit for several years. You should notice an immediate bump once you file because your debt will be at a zero balance. Your debt-to-income ratio will immediately improve. As time goes on, your credit will slowly improve as long as you do not take on anymore debt or fail to make payments on time.

For more information, consult with bankruptcy attorney services in your area.